What's the real reason behind the YouTube ban in Pakistan

Jul 22, 2020 why Supreme Court hints at YouTube ban in pakistan - Seo Jul 22, 2020 YouTube Blocked In Pakistan - Slashdot kokoko1 submits this snippet from The Telegraph, which reports that Facebook isn't alone — now YouTube, too, is being censored in Pakistan. "The blocking of YouTube comes a day after a Pakistani court blocked Facebook amid a growing row over a competition on the social networking website to design cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad."

In 2008, Youtube was banned in Pakistan because of the videos made on the Muslim's final prophet "Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W" commonly known as "Prophet Muhammad". Those videos caused a huge uproar in nationwide and they demanded "Youtube" to remove th

“By Monday evening, 934 websites carrying such a material have been blocked on Internet by PTA out of which over 650 URLs have been banned on YouTube. However, the surge of Anti-Islamic Video is massive, causing unrest in the country,” Latest information received that YouTube has been blocked in Pakistan on orders of Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Aug 07, 2013

How Pakistan knocked YouTube offline (and how to make sure This is what happened with YouTube, which Pakistan's government ordered blocked because of offensive material, apparently a video depicting the cartoons about Muhammad that … YouTube Blocked In Pakistan ? Why YouTube Is Blocked In Jul 22, 2020