Surfshark VPN for Chrome is a lightweight and ultra-fast extension with an independent security audit. Comes with a free CleanWeb adblocker. Private DNS. We are committed to always ensuring your privacy online. To keep what you do online private, we use our own DNS on each server that we have.

How to enable DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) in Google Chrome | ZDNet Sep 08, 2019 How to clear/flush the DNS cache in Google Chrome? - Super Note that Chrome now monitors the hosts file and autoclears the dnscache whenever there are any changes to the hosts file. —You can easily test if that works on your system by adding a blank line after your hosts file, and the list at chrome://net-internals/#dns will be autoupdated.— Windows' dnscache service will also (at least on win 8.1) monitor the hosts file for changes, so after you Using The New Chrome Secure DNS Settings To Browse Jul 23, 2020

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Dynu dynamic DNS client for Chrome This client automatically updates a Dynu hosted dynamic DNS hostname with your current public IP address. It has support for IPv6 and group. How to enable DNS over HTTPS in Chrome -

Chrome definitely bypasses the system's DNS setting. We have an Active Directory DNS on a small network. We set the DNS to OpenDNS on the AD Server DNS server forwarders. We blocked IE and Firefox give the website blocked page, but Chrome just happily goes to the blocked domain.

GPO and DoH – Cisco Umbrella Chrome will be adding support for DoH for several providers including Umbrella. Unlike Firefox, Chrome DoH will only enable when system DNS is observed to be a participating DNS provider. Therefore, it will not enable if system DNS is a local DNS server or the roaming client, but would enable if local DNS is and