Well, why not give a try to replacing BIOS chip. Since the non-booting issue is mostly because of corrupted laptop bios, replacing the chip would get it back up again. You can get hold of BIOS chip compatible with your laptop from sites like eBay or any computer/laptop repair shop. Unfortunately, we do not have step by step instructions for

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Apr 03, 2012 · Also please note that not all problems are caused by Windows itself as other programs or files on your computer can still cause Windows to not start at all. When Windows does not start at all for me, the first thing I do is stop and think. I never rush into anything as this may cause more problems. I try to remember what I did last on the computer.

How to Force a System Restore if Windows Vista Won't Run

While most modern computers today support USB booting, there are some that do not. In order to find whether your computer is USB bootable or not, you will need to check the BIOS setup. The steps may vary across computer models but remain more or less the same for all PCs: Step 1. Restart the computer or if it is shut down, power it on. Step 2.

HP Notebook PCs - Computer Does Not Start (Windows 7 If computer does not start into Windows, turn on the power and press the f8 key. On the Windows Advanced Boot Option screen, select one or more of the following options. Select them one at a time and press the enter key to attempt a system restart. Dell Computer Does Not Boot to Windows 10 | Dell US Apr 17, 2020