Jan 25, 2015

DNSSuffixSearchOrder | Microsoft® Docs DNSSuffixSearchOrder specifies the suffix search order for the name resolution. For DNS clients, you can configure a DNS domain suffix search list that extends or revises DNS search capabilities. By adding suffixes to the list, you can search for short, unqualified computer names in more than one specified DNS domain. Manage DNS suffix configuration through Group Policy The DNS suffix is one of the most important settings on a server's network configuration, yet it is so easy to omit because the value is buried deep within the DNS tap of networking configuration. Change Primary DNS Suffix May 11, 2019

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Setting DNS Suffix Search List via GPO | Ryan Adams Blog

Network -> DNS Client and open DNS Suffix Search List In DNS suffix search list select Enabled enter DNS Suffixes windowstechpro.com and click OK. Primary DNS Search Suffix: Type the Domain namespace. We can use group policy to set the Primary DNS suffix list. Open GPM create Group policy Named has DNS and right click Edit.

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