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May 09, 2007 · Method hiding in C# is similar to the function overriding feature in C++. Functions of the base class are available to the derived class. If the derived class is not happy, one of the functions available to it from the base class can define its own version of the same function with the same function signature, just differing in implementation.

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In Method Hiding, you can hide the implementation of the methods of a base class from the derived class using the new keyword. Or in other words, in method hiding, you can redefine the method of the base class in the derived class by using the new keyword.

C# Method Overriding and Method Hiding using example step Method Hiding in C#. So till now we have seen how to override existing method of a parent class with a same signature now here we will see how to hide method of parent class and re-implement same method in a child class. Method hiding can be achieved using "new" keyword. Polymorphism, Method Hiding and Overriding in C# Method Hiding. Why did the compiler in the second listing generate a warning? Because C# not only supports method overriding, but also method hiding. Simply put, if a method is not overriding the derived method, it is hiding it. A hiding method has to be declared using the new keyword. The correct class definition in the second listing is thus: