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Aug 24, 2018 Top 5 Dedicated IP Benefits | HostGator Blog Learn what a dedicated IP address actually is, the dedicated IP hosting benefits, and how it relates to dedicated server hosting, so you can make the best decision for your new website. What Is an IP Address? Before we jump into dedicated IP addresses, it’s important to understand what an IP … What Is a Dedicated IP? - Domain Name Sanity Blog Jul 22, 2020

What is a dedicated IP? | GoDaddy Help US

May 21, 2020

IP addresses come in two flavors: virtual and dedicated. If you’re using a virtual IP address, it means that there are multiple Web sites, as many as your server allows, using the same IP address you are. If you’re using a dedicated IP address, you are the only site on that IP. You should use a dedicated IP for your site.

Dedicated IP + VPN = Next-Level Online Security. VPN ensures that your remain anonymous on the web and dedicated IP gives you more power over your online reputation and better accessibility options. So, using a dedicated IP VPN is like having best of both worlds.