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More Details Netting is a great way to protect your garden from animal and bird pests, but it also makes it harder for you to get to your plants. Net Claws are an efficient way to anchor your netting to the ground, while allowing easy access to plants. You can simply hook and unhook the netting, without having to remove any stakes or staples from the ground. Use of Colored Shade Netting in Horticulture - Coverplas Nets Shade netting that increases light scattering but does not affect thelightspectrumhasbeenshowntoincrease branching, plant compactness, and the num- ber of flowers per plant (Nissim-Levi et al., 2008). Colored shade nets can also increase light scattering by 50% or more (Fig. 1) and this alone may influence plant development and growth. Greenhouse Shading Nets - Ginegar Ginegar offers a new generation of colored light-spectrum management nets. These greenhouse shading nets enable growers to control light dispersion, control and bring forward flowering dates and ripening times, accelerate growth rate, and influence growing properties of plants such as leaf and fruit size and color, branch and stem length, number of nodes, plant weight and size. COVER-TECH | Shade Mesh | Shade Cloth | Mesh Tarps for

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Debris and safety netting solutions include a wide range of netting styles for use in a variety of industries. Whether used at construction sites, transportation projects, or at the workplace, nets protect workers, pedestrians, vehicles, and nearby property, and can be …

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Shade-netting is ideal for canopies in areas where you want to offer protection from direct sunlight. Even though the structure is not made with the plastic material used in the shade net agro houses, you can still add a covering at the top to offer protection from direct sunlight. Shade nets and why they are important in today’s farming Jul 13, 2018 Garden Shade Cloth - Shade Netting | Free Shipping Shade Netting Extends Salad Season into the Heat of Summer. Protects lettuce and other cool-weather crops in hot weather or warm climates. Also protects plants from birds. Choice of two lengths. Just one day of hot summer sun can affect the lush, sweet flavor of homegrown lettuce, making it bitter; a few days of hot sun will make lettuce bolt to seed, ruining it for the season.