Sep 25, 2009 · Ok so, i got ventrilo a while ago. Then i used it today for a game. Once i loaded it up and clicked "connect" it would say "connecting to server". Then after that i would hear the connecting sound. But nothing really happens the spot where it said "connecting to server." just goes blank and

Ventrilo - EQEmulator Forums 2005-3-16 Ventrilo Server - 2003-8-2 Install Ventrilo Server on Ubuntu 12.04 - Ulyssesonline 2012-8-27 · Ventrilo is a VoIP group communications software used by business users, gamers, or anyone needing group communication. A typical setup usually requires a Ventrilo server and some Ventrilo clients connected to it. The client software is available on Windows and the Mac. ClanT2K Forums - need help with ventrilo server, got no router

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2016-7-23 · The Ventrilo server doesn't actually run as a service, instead there is another program called "ventrilo_svc.exe" that is the real service program. This service program is responsible for starting up the "ventrilo_srv.exe" server program after the service is loaded.

The Ventrilo Client connects to a Ventrilo Server using an IP Address (such as and a Port Number (configured as 3784 by default). Depending on your network setup, you may have a private IP Address as well as a public IP Address.