I think that the ncsi.txt file is needed for Windows 7, whereas the connecttest.txt file is needed for Windows 10. Then we put a DNS record in place so that "www.msftconnecttest.com" goes to You can test this first by putting it in your hosts file: www.msftconnecttest.com Broken connection status in network connection center with Jul 06, 2012 Allow Network Connectivity Status Indicator (msftncsi.com May 26, 2016

11/05/2017 · I wondered why my PC was browsing to www.msftconnecttest.com but it turns out to be part of the Windows Network Connection Status Icon (NCSI) mechanism

Why is my internet accessible, but still shows 'limited Jan 20, 2016 New-LabNCSI · GitHub Installs IIS with default settings and creates ncsi.txt and connecttest.txt in inetpub\wwwroot. Installs DNS and creates the two zones msftncsi.txt and msftconnecttest.com. Creates the necessary Host(A) records (www and dns). Sets the preferred DNS-Server to itself - be aware of this one!!!

data gateway (personal mode) worked well on my PC one day ago. To troubleshoot something, I delete personal gateway on service and uninstall data

How to use Group Policy to remove the Network Connectivity Windows has a cool feature that allows you to tell if your computer has Internet connectivity when you are connected to a network (see image below). This feature is called Network Connectivity Status Indicator (NCSI) it uses a combination of DNS and/or HTTP look ups to tell if you are connected to the Internet. The way does this is either Stop Internet Explorer From Loading Automatically