Nortel Contivity Connections #1 Post by mgb » Mon Jul 31, 2006 9:10 am Graph Template for graphing the number of VPN connections on a Nortel Contivity router.

The company I work for uses Nortel Contivity’s for third party VPN’s. We regularly have requests to build a third party filter and often it is very time consuming. I have the commands used via the CLI which helps to cut down on time, but what I’m really after is some sort of perl script, excel macro or alike that can be used to generate Full List of SEM Connectors - THWACK Nortel Baystack: Nortel Contivity 200 Series: Nortel WLAN Security Switch: Proxim Orinoco WAP: Qlogic Fibre Channel Switch: Raritan Dominion Switch: Ruckus ZoneDirector WLAN Controller: RuggedCom Switch: Silver Peak WAN Accelerator: Telco Switch: Xirrus WiFi Array: Zyxel P-660-HW-T: ZyXel XGS4528F: Security and UTM: Cyberoam UTM: Cyphort Threat [VPN] Nortel Contivity VPN with WTR54GS - Linksys May 01, 2006

Nortel Contivity VPN Client 4.65 - problem in creating mst

Nortel Networks may audit by remote polling or other reasonable means to determine Customer’s Software activation or usage levels. If suppliers of third party software included in Software require Nortel Networks to include additional or different terms, Customer agrees to abide by such terms provided by Nortel Networks with respect Nortel's Contivity picks up SSL | Network World

This is a sample log from a Nortel Contivity device: <131> 272 06/18/2014 10:33:00 tEvtLgMgr 0 : tIsakmp [03] No proposal chosen in message from <134> 272 06/18/2014 10:33:00 tEvtLgMgr 0 : Security [06] Session: IPSEC[uname] attempting login Field mapping. This table shows the mapping between the data source and McAfee ESM fields

The Contivity 1700 series comprises two hardware platforms—the Contivity 1700 and Contivity 1740—addressing different expansion needs. The Contivity 1700, with a single expansion slot, addresses sites with limited need for optional LAN, WAN, or hardware acceleration. The Contivity 1740, with up to four expansion slots, can integrate