23/09/2012 · After posting an Ad wait minimum 10 minutes before posting another one. Not fact you are posting manually or using software.The basic is that Craigslist doesn't like to post ads from same IP within 10 minutes. For a single PVA try to use same IP every time you post.Posting from multiple IP for a PVA can encourage Craigslist for further

19/08/2010 · "This posting is being blocked: Common reasons include: * Essentially the same item has been posted to multiple cities or categories, or more than once in 48 hours * Post contains a link or URL to a commercial website or auction * Personal ad appears to contain a phone #, email address, or URL Many other possible reasons for blocking are listed Reason #1 – Posting Too Much Craigslist states that “ you may post to one category and in one city, no more than once every 48 hours.” So, if you attempt to post too many ads in a day or post the same ad multiple times, it’s going to trigger Craigslist to remove them and block your IP address. 4/11/2014 · Having a post ghosted or flagged means that either a user of the site has clicked the ‘prohibited’ flag at the top of your post or that the Craigslist bots have removed your post due to exceeding a 29/12/2013 · I would like to say what I think about that entity called trooper63 above, but my post would be blocked. I just spent six hours trying to post an ad on craigslist and at the end it always says the same thing. Posting is being Blocked. the universe is infinitely evil. Craig Newmark is a devil. I hate that man more than words will ever be able to 22/12/2017 · If you've used Craigslist long enough, for either personal or professional use, then you've had a post deleted at some point. Often it happens not because you've willfully violated Craigslist's policies, but because you inadvertently did something Craigslist doesn't allow.

25/01/2019 · There are several reasons craigslist block your IP address for a certain amount of time or forever! Its kind of a penalty if you spam craigslist you get in ” Craigslist Jail ” to help craigslist make their site clean and helpful. Getting your IP Blacklisted can be a nightmare if your business solely depends on craigslist.

31/05/2019 · 1) Always use Native IP for posting your ads in various regions. Otherwise, your ad will get deleted after getting flagged as it is against Craigslist TOS to post in regions other than your own. 2) Verify your Craigslist account on a local number, i-e the number should belong to the state or region you are posting your Ad in.

You are also trying to post on the wrong site. The 'Blocked' message on craigslist is more polite and it looks something like this: ***** This posting is being blocked (Blocking Log Entry 123456): Common reasons include: Essentially the same item has been posted to multiple cities or categories, or more than once in 48 hours Post contains a

Chances are, if you're following TOS, posting unique ads of your own, in your geography, from your computer, verified with your phone number, you're not going to run into many ad flagging/"blocking" issues. (Not flagged by Craigslist, anyway.) 2.6K views Things That Get Your Craigslist Ad Blocked. Craigslist relies on its community to flag and report ads that are offensive or violate the site's rules. If you want your post to remain on the site Why is my post "held for review"? Postings may be held temporarily for manual review by craigslist staff. New postings held for review will generally be top-posted upon approval. Please reload your currently held posting to check on its status. Feel free A Craigslist post that contains item’s name, brand or company’s name is easier to be detected by the automatic flagging program, which will increase the chance of being targeted. To avoid this, use a unique combination of your titles and do not use the same brand, again and again, to make it difficult for flagging software and alerts.