Jul 01, 2020 · Verizon, like most ISPs, prefers to balance their DNS server traffic via local, automatic assignments. For example, the primary Verizon DNS server in Atlanta, GA, is and in Chicago, is

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Oct 16, 2017 · Example 5: Display the RecursionTimeout setting from a DNS server dnscmd /ipvalidate command Tests whether an IP address identifies a functioning DNS server or whether the DNS server can act as a forwarder, a root hint server, or a master server for a specific zone.

The Domain Name System resolves the names of internet sites with their underlying IP addresses adding efficiency and even security in the process. For example, the server your computer reaches For example, the domain name www.example.com might translate to The DNS system is, in fact, its own network. If one DNS server doesn't know how to translate a particular domain name, it asks another one, and so on, until the correct IP address is returned. For example, you could link blog.example.com with a CNAME record to an A record set on example.com, and they would both point to the same server. Additionally, if you change the A record on example.com, all the CNAME records pointing to it would update to the new server.

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