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Acceptable Jitter & Latency for VoIP: Everything You Need Dec 20, 2018 Broadband Line Quality Test - Check your internet Generally, jitter should be lower than 25 milliseconds. Latency Latency describes how much time it takes for a packet of data to get from one designated point to another. In some cases, latency is measured by sending a packet of data that is returned to the sender. The round-trip time is considering latency.

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Pingtest Grades Your Internet Connection Quality – Consumerist Nov 16, 2009 How do I know what the numbers mean in a bandwidth test? Dec 21, 2011

My ping now sits around 20ms and 0-3ms of jitter when I run a test on but when I play any game, my ping skyrockets like crazy still and I get disconnected from games like Rainbow Six Siege and Overwatch so they are virtually unplayable.

According to, my jitter will range between 2-84 ms per day, and it will occasionally … Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts When testing on, when pinging the server nearest me (less than 50 miles), the best result I get is 40ms. I find that everthing runs fine when the ping is at this level. However, it often goes up to 100ms and will stay at that level for quite some time, and what's worse, I frequently get spikes that go up to 200-300ms. jitter definition: 1. slight uncontrolled movement or shaking, for example in electronic equipment: 2. to move or…. Learn more. The Ping Jitter sensor sends a series of Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) echo requests ("Pings") to the specified URI to determine the statistical jitter. The sensor can show the following: Statistical jitter value; Execution time; The Real Time Jitter value is updated every time a packet is received using the formula described in RFC