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I noticed the Computer Browser service is disabled. While this isn't a problem for the server, it means that this server doesn't show up in the computer list in BackupExec. I have other options within backup exec but my question is - is it normal or recommended to have the Computer Browser service disabled on Windows 2008 running Exchange 2007 SP1. How To Disable the Computer Browser Service in Windows (2020) The computer browser service is designed to aid communications with pre-windows 2000 computers on a network. Disabling this service will not affect your normal browsing or internet behavior. If you are on a home network that uses a domain (extremely unlikely) you will not want to disable this service. Computer Browser - Windows 10 Service -

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Hi, As I have learn that Browser service related with Network File Sharing and found out that it depended on SMBv1 Protocol, is it right? How can I enable / disable that Computer Browser service? Does Windows 10 Support Browser service by default? Does Computer Browser service still working · Hi Bunseang, The purpose of this forum is to support

Security guidelines for system services in Windows Server OK to Disable: This service provides functionality that is useful to some but not all enterprises, and security-focused enterprises that don't use it can safely disable it. Do Not Disable: Disabling this service will impact essential functionality or prevent specific roles or features from functioning correctly. Therefore it should not be disabled.