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Ladar Levison, the owner of the Lavabit encrypted email service used by Edward Snowden, has resisted secret court orders to provide an encryption work-around affecting 400,000 customers’ private data, going so far as to close his business rather than become “complicit in crimes against the American people”. He was eventually forced to Encrypted e-mail service linked to Edward Snowden shuts Edward Snowden. An encrypted e-mail service reportedly used by Edward Snowden is shutting down, presumably in response to an investigation of the NSA whistleblower's use of the service. Email service used by Edward Snowden abruptly shuts down Aug 08, 2013

PGP: Encryption Program Used by Edward Snowden 'Can Leak

Jan 18, 2017

These Are Edward Snowden's Favorite Security Tools (That

Edward Snowden, the man who exposed the breadth of spying at the US's National Security Agency, has warned that an uptick in surveillance amid the coronavirus crisis could lead to long-lasting Securely Encrypted Email by Lavabit Flow is the most secure email solution for traditional email—compatible with most email clients. get flow. Volcano—our free, open source mail client—takes full advantage of the Dark Internet Mail Environment coming soon. Magma is our open source server for the Dark Internet Mail Environment—perfect if you need to host your own secure Edward Snowden ready to tell his side of the story in new Aug 01, 2019 Lavabit–Snowden’s Secure Email Service–Is Gone: Here’s Why