Get super user rights sudo su Install the necessary binary packages. apt-get install network-manager-pptp reboot Click on NetworkManager icon and choose VPN Connections… then Configure VPN Click on "Add" button For the "Gateway" choose one of the "remote" servers in the conf file Enter your assigned username and password Click on the "Advanced…" button Under […]

Ubuntu 16.10—17.04 OpenVPN Setup Tutorial (Network Manager Ubuntu 16.10—17.04 OpenVPN Setup Tutorial (Network Manager) Before you start you need to get your VPN account credentials from the StrongVPN's Customer Area. To log into the Customer Area you need to use your email with us as a login . VPN for Ubuntu - Service Portal Introduction. Virtual Private Networking (VPN) is used to set up a virtual network connection across another physical network connection. In this case, that involves setting up a VPN connection to the University of Twente, so that you will acquire an IP address starting with 130.89, even if your Internet Service Provider is not the same as that of the University of Twente. Setting up a Cisco VPN connection with Network Manager

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Oct 24, 2019

How to automatically connect to VPN with Network-Manager sudo apt-get purge network-manager-vpn sudo apt-get install network-manager-vpnc Then: Now I want this VPN connection to automatically activate when I'm in a certain wireless network. There's a way to suppress the "couldn't connect"-type of messages when your users are in the wrong network, but can't remember how it went.