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What does TTL expired in transit mean on a ping attempt Apr 10, 2020 Help! ttl expired in transit - Networking - Spiceworks Jul 20, 2016 Penyebab Ping Test Error : TTL expired in transit - YUDHA Akhirnya tanpa basa-basi saya langsung mencoba melakuka PING Test untuk mencari tahu dimana masalahnya, apakah pada sisi koneksi jaringan yang saya gunakan saat ini atau pada koneksi sisi server. dan seperti yang saya jelaskan diawal , ternyata respon yang saya dapatkan justru berbeda atau aneh dari biasanya yaitu Reply : TTL expired in transit.

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May 04, 2011 Raw ICMP, TTL and Vista (Ping sample in SDK bug?) Reply from TTL expired in transit. Reply from TTL expired in transit. To me it seems Vista is not returning ICMP replies from hosts *other* than target hosts? If you try the same sample on XP SP2 or 2003 you get the TTL expired packets: Pinging with 32 bytes of data. Reply from bytes=32 time

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Reply from TTL expired in transit. Reply from TTL expired in transit. The router,, is several hops away from my router's DMZ. I have no access to it; as, it's my ISP's router. My gut instinct says I'm SOL. RE: TTL Expired in transit rburke (Programmer) 27 Apr 03 03:12 TTL expired in transit is most likely a routing loop, usually due to mis-configuration, or if there is part of a network that is down. Summary changed from TTL Expiry in Base Machine iF 2 VM's runnig to TTL Expired in Base Machine if 2 VM's runnig comment:3 Changed 4 years ago by vushakov Please, can you do a packet capture of this on the host? Apr 10, 2020 · "TTL expired in transit" is related to the TTL value of the packet; every router it passes through lowers it by one, if it hits 0, the packet is returned to the sender. Re: Interface Status Remains Normal if ICMP "TTL expired in transit" NNM Release B.07.53 on Windows 2003 R2. "A nmdemandpoll of the router shows interface as "currently normal" even though the ping requests appear to be timing out "