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The term virtual private network is not new. However, many Internet users still don’t know the difference between site-to-site VPN and remote-access VPN. While both can be classified under VPN and use basically the same computing infrastructure, there is still a line that separates the two. Let’s take a look at site-to-site VPN first. CCIE Security: Site-to-Site ASA VPN — Networking fun Jul 24, 2017 NetScaler Gateway

The company I'm working for is mulling over the decision to enter a B2B arrangement with a government agency. I've been sent the technical documents for this arrangement, and the way we request and receive data is done via a black magic VPN tunnel and a bunch of hardware (VPN concentrators?!?!) I don't really understand.

Firewall - B2B VPN's. Hi guys, so evaluating some firewalls for B2B connections. Primarily Cisco ASA, Fortinet and Palo Alto. Are all of these firewalls equal in the

7 Reasons Why A VPN Is Essential to A B2B Environment

Direct Connection B2B Model. In the direct model your business connects directly to each of your … How can I setup a B2B VPN to access resources that use the We currently have two B2B VPNs with customers. The first customer is using a 172. internallyno issues there. The second is using 10.9.* which doesn't match exactly so that's fine too. However a third customer is using a 10.2.* scheme. We need to access three machines on their network which for example is, .3, and .4. KIK CUSTOM PRODUCTS B2B Portal The KIK B2B Portal is a Secure Web Site where Suppliers to KIK may Pick up their Purchase Orders, Acknowledge Receipt of these Orders, and make comments against these orders all on line in a secure environment. Suppliers will be notified of new Orders by e-mail that will contain a hot link to take them directly to the secure web site. Once they What is a B2B VPN? - Quora