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SonicOS offers an integrated traffic shaping mechanism through its Interfaces, for both Egress (Outbound) and Ingress (Inbound) traffic. Outbound BWM can be applied to traffic sourced from Trusted and Public Zones (such as LAN and DMZ) destined to Untrusted and Encrypted Zones (such as WAN and VPN). [SOLVED] SonicWALL SSL VPN clients traffic usage - Spiceworks Mar 31, 2020 SonicWall Firewall Analyzer | SonicWall Bandwidth Monitor VPN trends are especially useful in troubleshooting VPN connections, and identifying security risks. SonicWall bandwidth monitoring. Firewall Analyzer for SonicWall provides you a unique way to monitor the Internet traffic of the network in near real-time. Introducing SonicWall VPN Reports and VPN Dashboard

BWM can be applied to traffic in either the ingress or egress directions, or both. This article illustrates configuration of bandwidth management on SonicWall for site to site VPN traffic on SonicOS Enhanced 6.5 series of firmwares. Prerequisite: Site to Site VPN should be established. RESOLUTION: Enabling Bandwidth Management on SonicWall

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Plus it is the only UTM firewall with a native VPN remote access client for iOS, Google Android, Windows, Mac OS and Linux that supports Clean VPN, which decontaminates threats from VPN traffic. SonicWall Enforced Client Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware provides maximum prevention with virtually no administrative overhead, and is available for

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