Sep 17, 2019

Correct Answer: No Internet Connection - Verizon Community This is correct but the setting that places the wifi in a sleep state also effects the 3G connection because the two connections are using same power manager configuration settings. This is how the 3G connection drops when the wifi is activated and then reactivate when wifi is powered off. How to fix Galaxy S9 internet connection not working issue Jul 07, 2020 Facebook says no internet connection - Apple Community Apr 15, 2019

If you see No Service or Searching on your iPhone or iPad

Solved: No internet connection Android app - Arlo Community

Apr 16, 2018

I have the iPhone 7 Plus and I keep having no internet connection. I reset network settings it doesn’t work. Powered off phone and turned back on doesn’t work. Dialed ##25327# and that doesn’t work. Turned data off and back on and still no internet connection Samsung Galaxy S5 No Network Connection Issue & Other May 19, 2018 Solved: App showing "No Internet Connection" - Fitbit My Fitbit is recording my steps my Iphone is not syncing. The Alta is listed in the bluetooth devices as "connected" but the Fitbit app shows "No Internet Connection". Our internet/bluetooth is working for other devices. Last synced on 1/14/19 I've tried all the following: Turned the bluetooth No data connection with 3 bars and LTE - Sprint Community If you can't find it in the settings, try dialing the following in your phone app which will initiae the process as well as renegotiate the connection to the network upon completion. ##873283#. --. If my post or someone else's answered your question please mark it an Accepted Solution.