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Does Clearing Your Browser History Really Delete It?

Delete your Web browsing history inside the browser control panel. From Internet Explorer, click on the "Tools" button and select "Internet Options." Under the "General" tab in the "Browsing History" section, click on the "Delete" button.

Delete your activity - Computer - Google Search Help

Create an alternate user account and grant that account administrative rights by clicking on "Start," … How To Clear Your Bing Search History Jul 04, 2018 Delete your activity - Computer - Google Search Help Under "Activity controls," click Web & App Activity or YouTube History Manage Activity. Learn how to automatically delete your Location History. At the top right, click More Keep activity for. Click the button for how long you want to keep your activity Next Confirm to save your choice. Note: Some activity may expire sooner than the timeframe Remove History - How to remove Oct 13, 2014