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AT&T Fiber Internet - Superfast 1GB Internet The perfect internet for gaming, streaming, and working from home. With 20x faster upload speeds than cable, 4 AT&T Fiber is perfect for heavy internet users such as telecommuters, competitive gamers, fans of HD streaming, and people in households with multiple internet users.If you depend on your internet for critical tasks such as working from home, AT&T Fiber is right for you. What is the Internet? - Computer Hope Jun 30, 2019

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Cable internet is a service that offers high-speed internet through the same coaxial cable as cable television. The maximum download speeds can vary from 50 to 300 Mbps. DSL, or Digital Subscriber Line, is a type of internet connection that delivers transmits over a wired telephone line, which offers faster speeds than traditional copper lines. Should You Be Capitalizing the Word 'Internet'? | WIRED WIRED opinion About. Susan Herring is a professor of information science and linguistics at Indiana University. She has been studying language and the internet since probably before you were born.

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Where is the Internet located? - Quora Have you been using the Internet for a very long time? If you look at the address bar, where your browser has 'to go' to find the site you are after, you notice it change. Your website address will use things like periods, and back slashes. These “On the Internet” / “in the Internet”, capital I Both “Internet” and “internet” are commonly used when referring to the network. Traditionally, “Internet” was considered a proper noun and written with a capital letter. Nowadays, the noun is considered to be a generic name, like “electricity” or “water supply”, and is commonly spelled “internet”, so: What is internet and how does it work? - I Tech It Easy Nov 09, 2018